Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silky, Billowy Goodness!

Well I just love me a baggy shirt that ends up looking way more dressed up than it feels.  Perfectly comfy for a long night out with a pair of skinny jeans and your go-to shoes.  Rory Beca has a ton of these silky, flowy tops, but I don't believe a single one sells for under $295...  Great news!  My go-to, Forever 21, has just this type of silky top in a beautiful bright cobalt blue (perfect for this in-between spring season when a tan seems nowhere in sight!)  Get online and grab this steal for $22.80 at Forever 21.  Order a size up for a truly slouchy look...trust me, it's cuter on than it looks in the picture below!

img credit: Forever 21


Monday, February 22, 2010

33 Beauty Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Can items from your kitchen make a beauty mask?  Can split ends be reversed?  Click here to read my new article for Real Beauty with 33 Beauty Myths decoded!


Friday, February 19, 2010

My New Must Have!

My new must have for the spring season is a fun and edgy cage sandal!  There are tons of them out for the upcoming warm weather season, so check out some of my favorites below...

I bought this pair on sale at Macy's for over 50% off!  They're not on macys.com, but you may be able to find them in stores.  If not, and you're willing to pay full price ($125) for a really cute shoe - click here !
img credit: www.shoes.com

I really love the exotic feel these heels have with the combination of snakeskin leather.  Love the clustered stones on the strap - picture these with cuffed, destroyed boyfriend jeans and your favorite worn-in white tee (available at Nordstrom's for $170)
img credit: www.nordstroms.com

These....well, no words other than I really really reallllllly love these.  At $365, I'll put these on my sale watch list :-) - available at Nordstrom's.
img credit: www.nordstroms.com

Get out and get yourself a pair!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Sequin Shoe for Any Budget

So I am totally having a moment with sequins.  I've got sequin tees, tanks, dresses, headbands, everything!  I saw some really cute sequin pumps, but they were over 200 bucks and I wasn't completely sure I wanted to dish out that kind of cash for a shoe that, let's face it, is a little impractical :-)  Lucky for me, after perusing the giant megastore they call Forever 21, I found an adorable pair of black/silver sequin wedges!  For $26, there really is no reason not to buy them - so of course, they made their way into my closet.  I wore them out to dinner a week or two ago...with snow on the DC ground...and shockingly they are super comfy with great traction - who knew?!  Well ladies, now there's zero reason not to click purchase.  Get them here at Forever 21.  They fit true to size.  Love them!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Country Girl, City Boots

Cowboy boots are a staple in a southern belle's closet - I should know, I spent four years down south in good 'ol Tennessee.  But when I came back up north after college, I realized that the yankee girls don't know too much about this adorable shoe.  Granted, we don't need them here in DC, but they look super cute with a denim skirt or tucked under a pair of ripped jeans with a white tee.  I've done a lot of searching for just the right pair, and luckily I found them!  Frye makes a great boot, and I just happen to love this one!

Frye Billy Classic Western Boot ($268)

img credit: www.nordstroms.com


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Menswear-style Watches

Menswear-inspired clothing for women has been a huge hit this season - vests, blazers, oxford shoes, you name it!  While I've learned to love most of these trends, I do have a favorite....the mens-style watch.  What I wanted was an oversized gold watch with a three-eye chronograph dial, and Michael Kors makes exactly that!  Check out the MK watch I snagged below, and some others that are just as fun!

Michael Kors Men's Oversized Watch ($250)
img credit: www.shopbop.com

Freelook Oversized Watch ($250)
img credit: www.shopbop.com

Juicy Couture HRH Watch ($250)
img credit: www.shopbop.com


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

2009 Best and Worst Beauty Trends

Long time, no blog!  To catch you up, check out my new story featured on Real Beauty that walks you through the best and worst beauty trends of 2009!  Prepare for plenty of Lady Gaga beauty mishaps and some fun trends to carry you through the new year too.  Click here to read...