Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Deep Dark Emerald

We've all heard that the dark, jewel-toned hues are in this winter, and nail polish is a fun and easy way to tackle this trend.  OPI has some fantastic shades, most of which are deep purples and burgundys, but if you really want to stand out, paint on the OPI color from their Espana collection called "Here Today Aragon Tomorrow."  This polish is a dark and rich emerald green that goes on superdark and vampy.  Trust me, I know it's tough to take the plunge into the goth-inspired nail colors, but you'll be hooked once you try it!

img credit: www.amazon.com
My other favorite dark hues by OPI: Give Me Moor, Lincoln Park After Dark, Russian Navy, and Can You Tapas This.  (P.S.  If there is really someone out there who gets paid to name each OPI polish color for every collection, I am soooo jealous!!)



  1. Hey Lauren! Love your blog!!
    I was wondering about wearing flats. Do you have to wear them with a bare foot or do you wear some kind of think stockings with them - when wearing them with pants. Thanks and we'll miss you guys for Thanksgiving!! It's never the same without the Hurley's!! Have a good one!

  2. Hey there! When you're wearing flats with jeans or pants, go without tights/socks. When you're wearing flats with a dress or a skirt you could go either way depending on the weather! We're going to miss you guys too!! Hope to see you soon :)