Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Costume Jewelry....Without the Icky Green Ring!

So I am essentially obsessed with jewelry from Forever 21.  Once you dig through all the not-so-cute stuff, you can usually find that rare gem...the needle in the haystack if you will :-)...an adorable piece of jewelry that looks identical to pieces that designers are out there selling for tons more money!  Rings are one of the things I covet most, and although some of the nicer Forever 21 rings look identical to their designer counterparts, the greenish ring around your finger once you take off your jewelry is a dead giveaway that you bought yours at a deep discount!  Now I don't have sensitive skin, and quite frankly I'm not really into spending hundreds of dollars on costume jewelry, so here is what you do with your knockoff rings....

1. Get yourself some clear nail polish
2. Paint one coat of the clear nail polish all over the inside of your rings
3. Lay to dry overnight on a piece of paper
4. Wake up the next morning and rock out with your new ring...that doesn't leave an icky green mark!

Happy costume jewelry hunting!!  Here are some rings that I looooove...

Black Enamel Flower Ring (available here for $5.80)

Gold Rhinestone Accent Ring (available here for $3.80)

Silver Rhinestone Elastic Ring (available here for $5.80)

Black Lacquer Ring Set (available here for $4.80)


  1. Great idea! But do you ever have to reapply the nail polish, and does it erode the metal at all? Oh, in case you hadn't heard, piperlime is having a sale today for their birthday. If you place an order you'll get a $25 gift certificate toward your next purchase. But it's only for today. Check it out if you haven't already!

  2. Woohoo I love piperlime! Thanks for the tip :) The nail polish lasts for a pretty long time and just acts as a protectant (doesn't erode). If you wear the ring a lot, reapplying is probably a good idea - once every couple months should do the trick!