Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Destroyed Denim

Well Current and Elliot came on the scene and sparked a distressed and destroyed denim revolution....but really, who wants to pay 250 bucks for a pair of barely there jeans?!  I like the slouchy boyfriend look they offer, but what I love is a pair of destroyed skinny jeans - and there are plenty of places you can go to pick up just the right pair at a wallet-friendly price.  Read on to find out which stores to hit this weekend to find the pair with rips and tears in all the right places to keep you looking cute and trendy without showing too much leg...

Gap - Yes - it's true!  I don't know if you've seen all the ads they've put out lately (in what seems like every single magazine I read!), but they totally hit the mark this season with their denim.  My favorite are called the "Always Skinny Destructed Jeans."  Available here for $69.50.

Forever 21 - If you have time to hunt for a deal Marshalls-style, this is the place to go.  Just make sure you try everything on - the sizing at this store is extremely varied.  Try their Ripped Skinny Jean, available here for just $27.80.

...they also have a pair of black destroyed jeans that I absolutely adore (and own!) - available here for $27.80.

...and if you're just dying for the Current and Elliott boyfriend-style look, try these...they look exactly the same for a fraction of the cost - love it!  Available here for $26.90.


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  1. Was this post just for me?? Going to Gap for those skinny jeans asap! BTW - Do you have a good face wash recommendation? I just can't drop $45 on Chanel anymore but I need something that really works. Thanks LH!